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About Us

Welcome to our small business!

We are John and Cindy, a passionate married couple who have found joy in crafting and tinkering as a stress reliever. Over time, our stress reliever has led us down an unexpected path – the world of embroidery and imprinting.

What started as a humble hobby soon transformed into a small business. As we delved deeper into the realm of custom embroidery and imprinting, we couldn’t help but notice a void in the market – a gap where small businesses yearned for personalized promotional items, but were often left with limited choices due to high quantity requirements. This realization became our motivation to bridge the gap and offer a solution that caters specifically to these businesses.

And so, we embarked on a mission to provide small businesses the same level of attention and quality that large corporations receive. We understand the passion and hard work that goes into building a small business because we’ve lived it ourselves. Every detail matters, and every promotional item tells a story about your brand.

At Mo’s Stitch & Print, we strive to be your creative partners. We’re here to listen, collaborate, and understand your vision. Every stitch, every imprint, and every interaction reflect the genuine care and dedication we hold for what we do. We invite you to explore our offerings, experience the difference, and join us in celebrating the art of personalized promotion.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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